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Tips for Calculating Diamond Prices
Women’s love for diamonds is unimaginable despite their expensive nature though they remain a charm to many females all over the world. Women have worn this piece of crystal as jewelry to add more value to their fashion sense due to its social status ranking. These pieces of diamond jewelry are said to fetch much in the market since they have high resale value. Certain aspects can be looked at in a bid to arrive at the most consistent amount that a portion of diamond is worth in the market. Read more below on some of the considerations to learn more when coming at the price of diamonds.
First is the resultant effect the trim of gem has on the value of the piece of diamond. Several people find it difficult to distinguish between the cut and shape of the diamond thus mistake the two to be synonymous. The cut is made up of how the diamond’s facets flawlessly interact with light. The scale used in determining the cut ranges from poor to excellent. Therefore, the excellence level positively impacts the amount of money your diamond is likely to fetch.
Also of concern is the color of your diamond. You’re probably going to witness some colors by looking at your diamond however you should note that it’s ideal for it to have fewer colors as this is good for its value. The variation in the color scale of diamonds is from D to Z with Z being the poorest. The more you go down the scale, the less expensive the diamond is worth due to the ease to see the color in the diamond as you move farther away from D.
Something else is the imperfections on the diamond during its formation. You should be aware of the fact that you can get more or less depending on the clarity of your diamond where the fewer the imperfections, the more cash you can get for it. You may prefer to have a diamond with fewer flaws and annexations thought a time your diamond might have slightly visible bits of black carbon which as a result contribute to how much you’re able to get for it. The diamond buyer is more likely to inform you about the clarity of your diamond once they have a chance to take a look at it carefully hence you don’t need to panic when told about the imperfections or even black carbon existence in your diamond as these are not visible to the naked eye.