How F-Min Grinding Improves Warehouse Flooring

F-Min is a system of measurement that is used to refine the technical flooring surfaces of warehouses. It especially ideal for very narrow aisle (VNA) warehouses. The system takes into account the effects of forklifts on a designated pathway along the floors. Utilizing the system results in a floor that will withstand years of heavy-duty traffic. Factors considered include the speed at which the forklift will operate, the wheel tracks, and the total lifting height required in the warehouse.

Some VNA facilities accommodate racking as high as forty-seven feet, and have aisles with only one or two inches of clearance space on each side. Regular technical surfacing measurement systems cannot compensate for the concentration of weight in narrow spaces over time. The most effective F-Min rating for VNA warehouses is 80. Specialty training, equipment, and methods are required to successfully create a floor to the exact specifications. Equipment required includes an F-Min Grinding machine, special flooring planers, and specific flooring scarifiers.

There are few companies in North America that have the skill and experience to produce a VNA warehouse with this type of flooring. The procedure entails several steps, constant measuring while the project is in progress, and attention to detail. Aisles are measured and marked out in preparation before flooring material is poured. Ardex SDT is the material used and it is then allowed to dry for twenty-four hours. When selecting the company to hire for the project, make sure it is a LevelMaster Elite Installer for Ardex products. It indicates the technicians and experts of the company have received the latest education on the product line, and have successfully demonstrated skill and efficiency when working with the materials.

Specific grinding techniques are then utilized to refine the aisles, and achieve the chief flatness levels required for the specific configurations of that warehouse. After completion of each aisle, a special meter called a d-meter is used to measure the floor at twelve inch intervals. Taking the time to stop and measure every aisle ensures the highest standards for quality, and verifies that specifications are accurate. In addition to F-Min flooring, installation of other technical commercial flooring is available. Innovative solutions to technical surfacing problems, exterior and interior concrete repairs, and renovations of flooring are also offered.