Taken Together, Several Teardrop Banners Can Be Even More Effective Than a Single Large Sign

Sometimes a single sign can make a big difference, and looking for opportunities of these kinds will almost always be advisable. A business situated such that plenty of local traffic passes on an adjacent road, for instance, might derive for years huge benefits from one properly placed sign. While making use of any such options that crop up will always pay off, failing to look into other possibilities can be costly. In some cases, for example, focusing on smaller and more numerous means of calling attention to a business location can be every bit as powerful and effective.

Teardrop banners that carry a company’s logo and anything else that might entice customers to engage, for instance, can deliver a lot of value as a result. Typically only a few feet high, banners of these kinds are designed to be easy to implant into the ground or to attach anywhere that might allow for mounting. As a result, they will often be able to produce a combined effect that can be every bit as large as what a far more substantial sign mounted along a roadway could muster up. At the same time, the investment required to procure even many such banners will often be far smaller, as well.

Of course, making good use of such assets will require a different approach than might be called for with a single large, permanent sign. For one thing, much less space will typically be available for branding, although this deficit will generally be mitigated, at least to an extent, by the fact that smaller banners will normally be viewed at much closer distances. It will still, typically, pay to keep things simple and direct, however, while also trying to convey something that viewers will find immediately enticing.

Beyond that, experimenting with placement will normally be a good idea, as well. Most businesses will be somewhat limited as to where they can deploy banners, but there will still typically be some room for trial and error. Placing a number of banners at once and trying to measure the effect should be regarded as more or less required, with the adjustments that are made thereafter typically resulting in even more visibility. Putting in that effort, though, can turn out to be every bit as worthwhile as commissioning a large, area-dominating sign.